Kevin Bacon.. ex Baconsdozen Imperial tools. 

V4 transit. Mk1 .The first of the Ford transit series Breakdown on P5b rover with SU carbs flooding.

This isnt an all singing and dancing e-commerce web site. I still have some imperial and other tools to clear. Ive listed most on this webpage, I also have others left,so if you need something specific please get in touch.

Rover P5b rolling resto.  |  My first london taxi cab  My second cab.  |  Mk1 V4 transit motorhome.  |  A home made motorhome

   Range Rover P38.  | Fixing stuck fastenings.  |  Freeing seized engines.  |Imperial tool conversion charts  |  Repairing leather seats.

If you unsure what tools you need for an old car or motorbike the conversion charts (link above) explain BSW,BSF,BA and AF sizing etc.

Twin SU carbs on Austin Healey SpriteRover V8 engine


We originally operated a chandlery,we moved 'up north' just after Lowestofts fishing fleet vanished along with politicians promises,taking our customer base with it. To stay afloat we started selling tools, mainly imperial based ones online. Older cars use BSW or  BSF (whitworth and British standard fine) or UNF/UNC fittings or BA (British Association) on smaller stuff and we sold these worldwide. We also sold metric tools for more modern vehicles but I always felt more at home with inches than the metric malarky, if it was good enough for Brunel,Telford and Stephenson etc. Some of the older pages from our store are archived.There are pages about Lowestofts beam trawlers and fishing fleets etc here, the harbour and fish auctions etc here. and our old ships chandlers here. I am now pretty much retired and spend my spare time messing about with various old cars.

My old series one petrol land rover. My first ex London taxi. 450,00 miles on original engine

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