My black taxi cab.

My first fairway had served me well but for a while the gearbox had been sluggish.When the auto box finally died on my cab,I found it impossible to get it rebuilt, originally I thought of using one from a TX1 but then bought a black fairway.I thought I could use the gearbox and keep the rest for spares.

Some of the new cab was actually better than my original and rather than swap the gearboxes I decided to make a better taxi out of the two.I had always wanted a black cab,my original was blue.My old cab had all the brake components renewed along with the exhaust so these,and the interior were swapped over.I'm clearing some tools and car spares etc listed here.

The first job was to remove the interior partition from my old taxi to fit in the new one which no longer had one.The partitions are heavy box section steel,they contribute to the strength of the vehicle and are welded to beams on the floor and in the roof.When in place the partition is part glazed,covered on the cab side in alloy sheet and to the rear with plastic mouldings. It carries fixings for the rear tip up seats and seat belts.

These covers are simply held in place by blind alloy rivets and self tapping screws.

I cut the partition as close as possible to match the remains of the partition left in the other taxi.

The partition was welded to steel plates which were then in turn welded to the floor.


The covering panels were then reattached using where possible the existing holes for rivets and screws.

The fixings for the seat belts and tip up rear seats were made stronger than original using 5mm steel brackets welded in place.

There is some wiring running through and under the frames,for the heaters and lights etc.



The sunroof later developed a slight leak round the rubber seal.

The mechanism was damaged and beyond repair with parts missing.

It was replaced by a solid panel made from galvanised steel, held with flush rivets so could be removed at a future date.

These taxis rust badly with built in water traps and poor sealing.If you like welding you'll find plenty to do with one.

All fairways seem to rust at the rear of the bonnet,where water seems to get trapped.



Some rot was evident in the inner wheel arches,again typical of a fairway.
This rot round the heater vent on my old taxi is another typical rust trap.

Ive welded rear seat belt fixing points in three fairways,they all rot badly.

Not pretty but much stronger than original with 3mm plate either side of the wheel arch.