Happily I left Lowestoft and its useless and morally corrupt council, behind me some years ago. I have left this page behind as an archive,if for no other reason that when I get fed up I can read it again to remind myself of how things were,at one time much worse.
A Lowestoft Fairy Story.
Many Years ago a man called Mr B started selling tools from this shop in the town of Lowstuff. Soon,Mr B also sold clothing and supplies to fishermen on boats in the town of Lowstuff and other places but then along came some baddies from a place called EU and made the fishermen smash all their boats up and gave all their wealthy owners loads of dosh for doing so..On the tele and in the papers a big chief called Elliot Morley from a place called Par-liar-ment and an MP man promised Mr B who had lost all his customers and money ,lots of grants and help but although lots of people who already had lots of money got some more,Mr B got bugger all.Mr Morley later went to nick for being a fiddler so it wasn't all bad (even though when he cried and pissed his pants they let him out early).
Mr B still carried on running his shop,but then the bogey men from Woefully Dismal Council invented this thing called the "Sunlies Scheme" and dug the roads up for two and a half years and scared all the locals and visitors away from the town with traffic jams,yellow lines and silly ideas. Mr B decided to go on a place called the internet to sell his stuff as none of the people could get near his shop anymore. Woefully Dismal Council made sure their old pals in other shops had nice loading bays to use but decided it would be a good idea to stop any delivery vans and customers that were still making it past the jams from stopping anywhere near Mr B's shop by painting big yellow lines on the path one dark night. A few days later they built a fancy bus stop down the road outside the Bingo Hall even though no buses go down there so imaginary people could get on and off imaginary buses but they told Mr B that he would have to get his real lorries and vans up his narrow back passage (painfull) for his deliveries and collections .They didn't tell Mr B they'd stuck a big concrete post in the middle of his back passage to make that impossible but before you could say "whatever next" a fairy godmother came along with a big lorry and knocked it over . Mr B spoke to some people called Kownsillors who promised to help but only at a quarter to election time not afterwards,and there was someone called an Hombudzeman,but he hadn't got any teeth..
Mr B couldn't even get permission from Woefully Dismal Council to change the use of the shop to a house because they said the Magic North Sea will come and drown him.It's called the Magic Sea because although they say it will flood him and his shop,they say it won't flood the buildings either side who were allowed to change into what ever they wanted to be,but they were up the councils arse a mile anyway so were safe from flooding.
Perhaps the Magic Sea was punishing Mr B for selling stuff to those nasty fishermen so they could catch its fish
Baconsdozen shop in Lowestoft.
We are now concentrating on the internet side of the business,selling new whitworth/BSF,af and metric tools.We export so called obsolete imperial tools all over the world mainly for classic car and motorcycle enthusiasts.We sell some tools still made in England,from factories that have been making spanners and wrenches for many years.We source tools from other countries but only sell tools that are fit for professional use,we also auction tools at sites like Ebay.If you need tools for an older vehicle,made in the days before planned obsolescence and plastic wood,give us a call.
The view from my bedroom window,one of the only reasons I could think of for staying.
Looking over the trawl dock and the entrance to Oulton Broad,the buildings and yachts comprise the yacht club, in the background is the North Sea.