Pictures of the caravan site in Lowestoft around 2008. Deliberately allowed to fall into a derelict state by its owners Waveney District Coucil. After a previous attempt to sell it fell through and various debacles over rights of way etc the site has been sold by the council to Tingdene developments something objected to by many local people who insist that was the councils intention right from the start.
Empty caravan on North Denes Lowestoft
This message on one poor souls caravan sums it up,however they did lose the fight.The council lost track of who owned what and who had paid rent and who hadn't. By allowing it to fall into a derelict state they were able to sell it off without too much resistance and at the same time cover up the monumental mess of their own making.

It beggars belief that someone was actually in charge of this mess. Looters and vandals were allowed to trash everything.People could be seen most days stealing and breaking into the caravans.
Vandalised and ruined as WDC dither,the toilet block.
While WDC dithered and it seems, deliberately turned a blind eyc,the vandals had a smashing time in the toilet blocks and showers stealing the plumbing and fittings.This mess has been put out of its misery and now been demolished .
Peoples caravans vandalised and broken into.
Carry on Camping. Vandals stripped out most of the caravans,what a shameful reward for those who'd paid site rent for years to Wastefull Dismal Council who did nothing to stop this wanton destruction.
Lowestofts caravan site.Destroyed by W.D.C.
Windows broken,roofs ripped off for the aluminium. Yobs allowed to run riot.
Final Days. 
In summer 2009,the site was still empty and derelict .The BBC incorrectly reported the council were to leave it as an open space.The council apparently decided years ago they wanted this site cleared, I do hope no-one suggests that by ignoring the vandals and thieves efforts they helped this happen,and remove opposition about selling the site.
The dried grass on the site had been set on fire a couple of times and gypsy caravans moved on a time or two ,the shower blocks and toilets were  ruined by vandals.The council said they have sold this site to a developer,"Open by the summer" they said. Sadly eighteen months later, no money having ever changed hands the deal was off.
Apparently the sale fell through because of the public footpaths that criss cross the site. Rumours abound that the developer wasn't told about these and when they became aware they backed out of the deal.
In 2010 the site was finally sold to WDCs old pals Tingdene, (suprise,suprise) and work started returning it to some semblance of a caravan site. Over the years they have gradually expanded the site taking over land that had been used for years by Lowestoft people to enjoy or exercise their dogs. Footpaths,rights of way and roads have all been swallowed by the site .Good old WDC, they really dont give a shit about the people they pretend to represent.
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