Baconsdozen imperial tools for older machinery.
Hub nut,ball joint,driveshaft,crank pulley,injector and other specialised imperial based sockets.
 in 1/4,1/2 or 3/4 inch square drive,chrome vanadium or impact type.
 We stock a large range of conventions chrome vanadium imperial sockets from 1/8 inch to 1.00 inch Whitworth,BA from 0 to 11 and up to two inc AF (SAE). We can supply professional quality specialised imperial sized sockets,in conventional or impact type,deep or standard legth in various drive sizes and in six or twelve point configuration. to remove steering joints,swivels and ball joints,hub or crankshaft nuts etc. A small selection of some of those we can supply are shown on this page.
We would rather have to justify a higher price than apologise for lesser quality.
     To order Baconsdozen British Standard Whitworth,BSF or BA sockets go here. for Imperial A.F sockets go here. 
We accept paypal.You can also ring us with a credit card to hand on (44) 01493 600718.
We have a page of application and conversion tables to compare tools sizes and convert A.F to BSF and BSW to BA spanner and socket sizes to metric.These tables will help on the correct socket or spanner selection.


We have accurately made deep 1/4 drive sockets for precision work in SAE (AF) sizes and even BA (British Association) for work on electrical components etc on classic cars,in six and twelve sided versions. 1/4 drive BSW sockets are no longer available.

We sell a full range of Whitworth,BSF,BA and AF sockets in all drive sizes,in standard or deep length and twelve or six sided versions. Deep AF sizes are stocked up to one and a half inches AF in 1/2 drive and up to 7/8 whitworth,in chrome vanadium .

Illustrated...Deep AF ball joint or hub nut sockets by Koken.One and an eigth inch AF,Heavy chrome vanadium steel 1/2 inch drive.Available as twelve sided (bi hex) or six sided (mono hex) other sizes up to two inch AF or Inch and a quarter Whitworth avaliable in 3/4 drive..

Other specialised hub or ball joint sockets available in AF...Illustrated...One and thirteen sixteenths inch AF deep hub nut socket.Mono hex,fits Austin Metro ball joints and other applications .1/2 inch square drive. 

Illustrated...One and five sixteenth inch AF six sided proper impact type hub nut sockets. Original BMC,Leyland manufactured Morris and Austin Minis (Saloons,vans and variants)  Allegro 1100,1300,MGB and TR4 etc.1/2 inch drive.We also stock these in a deep,twelve sided 3/4 drive version. (below)

One and a half inch AF ball joint socket for Rover Group,old model classic Mini,Austin Allegro,Austin/Morris 1100/1300 and Maxi etc.Six sided impact socket.

We also have the above sockets in this chrome vanadium steel six sided version (illustrated) .The socket is approx 80mm long..These sockets are designed to clear the swivel protruding through the top of the ball joint.

 British Standard Whitworth and AF deep or standard length impact sockets in 1/2 drive available to 7/8 whit and one and quarter inch AF.These are usually English made (King Dick and of good quality).We do not sell cheap impact sockets .

One and five sixteenth inch AF deep socket.Bi hex 3/4 drive.Good,strong chrome vanadium socket by Koken many applications on early british vehicles,original mini series MGB etc.

One and seven eighths inch AF, 3/4 drive,12 sided sockets to fit some early Leyland,BMC rear axles.This is a high quality socket made to withstand heavy commercial use. Refer to our conversion charts or to a makers handbook or manual to determine which size you need.

3/4 drive twelve point whitworth hub nut sockes available in sizes from one inch up to one and a half inch whitworth. One inch square drive sockets up to three inch AF and two inch whitworth available to order in non impact type.

Two inch AF hub nut socket by Elora ,fits various classic cars. Again,check the conversion charts or makers manual or an owners club as some applications require a similar whitworth sized socket.

52mm early Land Rover etc hub nut socket.Six sided impact type.1/2 inch drive.52 mm is very close to one and a quarter inch Whitworth,for those who prefer to use the proper tool we have one and a quarter inch whitworth and other sizes  in deep 3/4 drive English made sockets.The largest sockets we can normally supply are three and a half inches AF and two inches whitworth but we can often source larger ones please contact us.

The sizes of spark plug sockets (10,14 mm etc) or colortunes and adaptors etc refer to the diameter of the thread not the size of the spanner needed on it.For a 10mm plug the spanner would be 16mm or 5/8 inch af,for 14mm it would be 13/16 inch af (approx 21mm).Some older spark plug sockets and box spanners might carry the older imperial markings.
Sockets for injectors on diesel or petrol engines are normally sized 'across flats'.(22,27 or 28mm being common) Some injector and sensor sockets have a 'window' in the side to avoid damage to wires etc and some injectors need a crowfoot spanner to remove them, I stock a range of these. Modern sockets are often referred to as 'flank drive','hi torq','wall drive' etc these are configurations designed to turn the nut or bolt without excessive pressure on the extreme edges of the hex,they are more efficient on rusted or worn fastenings than the older straight sided sockets.
This is only a selection of the specialised sockets stocked.Stock changes too quickly for a complete list,please e-mail or phone for latest offers on hub,injector or ball joint sockets etc.Also have a look at our Blog page for details of newest line and tools expected in and on back order etc.

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