Spare parts for black cabs,Fairway taxis etc.
Prices for post are for single items to UK.For bigger orders we can send by courier up to max 20kg mainland UK for 9..00p For abroad,larger parcels or Islands and highlands of UK please contact us.
Ordering Details,contact numbers etc.
Upper ball joint for fairway taxi.Screws into top arm,restrained by knocking tabs over on plate (supplied).  
16..00p.These are prone to wear out quickly on taxi cabs,as their small turning circle means the front wheels turn through greater angles.Post to UK 4..00p
Lower bottom ball joint for fairway taxi.Held by two bolts to bottom wishbone,tabs on plate (supplied) are used to retain bolts 16..00p Post to UK 4..00p.
Top swivel.Rubber bush with rotating steel insert.Similar to the joints used on some Jaguars.On the fairway two of these are used on each of the top wishbones.We also have the more modern PU version.Pair bushes (repairs one wishbone) 17.70p post (UK) 3..00p.
Top hose for 2.7 Nissan diesel engined Fairway black cab,Black rubber,fabric reinforced.Moulded.8..00p Post to UK 3..00p.
Bottom hose Nissan 2.7 diesel engined Fairway.Moulded longer hose fabric reinforced.Black.8.50p post to UK 3..00p
Track rod ends.Fairway taxi.Supplied as pair,left and right hand.Held by castellated nut and split pin to steering arm.The plastic parts shown are to protect threads in transit only.Pair 20.00p Post to UK 4..00p.
Oil filter Screw on type Nissan 2.7 diesel (fairway) 4..00 Post (UK) 2.00p.
Fuel filter.(diesel) For Nissan 2.7 engine.The warning device to indicate trapped water screws on the bottom.After fitting the fuel system is bled by using the pump handle on top of the filter housing.Filter 13..00p post to UK 2..50p
With high mileages the steering wheels can wear on these cabs.This cover fits without lacing or sewing.Simply stretches over the rim.Available in black....
or brown.
Can be washed,easily removed if necessary.Covers are 6..00p.
Fan belts Always worth carrying one as a spare,the Nissan engine will lose its oil if driven for any distance with a broken fan belt.The power steering and alternator will also not operate.Fan belts are 4..50p post 1.50p to UK.
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