Butt welding a rusted panel

The repair of rust holes and dents in the back bumper of a p5b Rover.The ends of these are a common rust point,this one was perforated both ends and was welded prior to being rechromed.The same method can be used to repair localised holes in any panel.

1.The original holes,surrounded by thin dented metal.

2. The rust is dug out and the securing bracket rewelded from the other side..

3.The other end,the hole is larger,the bracket is taken off ,and the rot cut back to sound metal then the hole is squared off.

4.After grinding away the chrome a piece of flat steel is shaped to follow the bumpers curve,then cut out accurately so that it sits in the hole.

5 A few tacks in the corners first to hold the new metal in place.Then more welds approx half inch apart.To avoid distortion the welds are spaced around the join then gradually more small welds are added untill they become virtually continual.

6.A new bracket was welded to the back,the distortion this caused was knocked out and then the whole repair was ground down.

6 A new nut was welded on to the repaired bumper support and the bumper is ready for grinding and polishing for chroming.


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