When it's raining you get to play with things inside.

The transit camper was pretty original inside so far,it's just about stayed that way.


Hiding behind the three way fridge was a fair bit of rot. The weak contruction of early caravettes and caravans of fibreglass or alloy over a thin frame panelled with plywood or hardboard is soon ruined by water ingress.Damp and rot spread quickly often by soaking into the insulation and what little strength the construction had soon vanishes.

With this motorhome water had also got in via the fridge vent,I don't like gas fridges in confined spaces so the gas pipe and vent soon kept each other company in the bin.

Water had got in round the window seal above the overcab bed rotting out part of the frame.Leaks round windows and vents ruin mant interiors and should be checked carefully on any campervan or caravan.

Fixing to the flimsy interior walls of motorhomes and caravans can be awkward,one way is to use cavity wall anchors but removing unwanted fittings usually leaves unsightly holes.

The seat base on the passengers side was raised for comfort and now holds the leisure batteries,waterpump,12 to 240 volt inverter,spares,jack and tools.

The shower compartment to the right holds a portaloo (but no shower) fridge and cooker are opposite and a sink with cupboard under opposite them.I found it easy to distort the door and frame to spring open the locked door from the outside.Beefing up the door and frame with wood made it more secure.

The seat on the drivers side was turned into a small dinette.Putting up the original island table effectively cut the interior space in two.The big table was also awkward to store.

Wooden uprights one each side brace the overhead lockers which over the years have tended to make the roof sag.

When restoring the cab I found it difficult to get spire clips and trim fixing clips etc.I've now managed to buy a stock of them if you need such things please mail me.Some suppliers of other parts are listed on this page.

I finally replaced the original cooker shown above for one bought at a car boot sale.This is a combined gas hob/sink unit so the sink on the opposite side of the van was removed.I haven't yet fixed a hot water heater but it's no great hardship to boil up a kettle.


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