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Specialising in tools for restoration and repair of older cars and machinery etc.
We no longer sell waterproof gloves or clothing etc,this archive page has just been left to save poor links etc.
Genuine showa waterproof gloves for commercial fishermen,fish farming,scuba divers,window cleaners,pressure washing or car cleaning and others needing strong durable waterproof hand protection.Gauntlet style or shoulder length covering the whole arm for cleaning out garden ponds sewers or drains,working in fish tanks,aquariums or boat weed hatches,milking cows etc. Made from a PVC compound on a woven base these gloves will keep your hands dry and warm,ideal for working in oily,foul or polluted water.Textured palm and fingers for better grip.
For fishing and food industries etc,working with most commonly used chemicals or in water etc, Showa 660..
Showa 660 PVC based glove good quality and totally waterproof
Showa 660 gloves. PVC on knitted cotton liner, a strong waterproof glove.Showa PVC gloves are very popular with commercial fishermen and the fish trade as they resist fish oils and most common chemicals,also suitable for food processing and other industries.These gloves are popular with underwater divers,and are in fact the gloves recommended by the makers of the Rolock Ring System for sub aqua use.
Shoulder length gloves for garden pond clearing,fish tanks,drains,sewers,aquariums etc,
The part covering the hand is very similar to the Showa 660,the part covering fore and upper arm is thinner and supple yet self supporting..These shoulder length, waterproof gloves are ideal for cleaning out a garden pond,ditches,sewers,drains or aquarium.They are ideal for fish keepers (especially those allergic to coral) or for working in deep cold,foul or contaminated water,fish farming,weed hatch clearing on narrow boats etc
 Glove a general guide,with fingers straight measure across the palm of your hand.  Up to three and a half size 8,up to four size 9 and over four inches size 10.The same marked sizes often vary in actual size with different glove manufacturers, if in doubt please contact us.
For multiple buys or orders outside E.U  please ring the number below with a credit card to hand.Lightly dusting gloves with french chalk or talcum powder stops them sticking together if stored for some time.To increase the life of PVC or rubber gloves etc ,store in a cool dark place.


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