A Rolls Royce Silver Shadow 2.

I bought this Rolls Royce Silver Shadow 2.

With no service history and in poor condition,bought as a project.

Expensive to repair,complex and rust prone,hardly a sensible idea.

This page,like the Rolls is unfinished,a work in progress.

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I would rather play about with an old car than a computer so this is not an all singing and dancing web page.

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The rust was localised,needing a couple of plates in the front.

I used galvanised steel sheet.

The rear floors were quite sound and cleaned up well with a wire brush.

The carpets and soundproofing were OK apart from the drivers floor.

The stainless steel panels over the sills were all removed.

A few rust spots treated and the panels,with a few dents knocked out were replaced.



Rolls Royce engine before cleaning.

Rolls Royce V8 engine after painting


The V8 engine before tidying.



Engine after cleaning and paint




The tiny handbrake pads were renewed,

they must be too small to act as emergency brakes.

Peculiar wedge shaped things,they are easy to replace.

The handbrake linkage was seized solid.


The brake reservoir was drained and cleaned out.

The dirt in the bottom is debris from the flexible brake pipes.

The rags are to stop small bolts falling down into the engine V where they are impossible to retrieve.

2 BA nuts and bolts are used on the reservoir lid.


The filters are a fine mesh,using a deep AF socket they can be unscrewed,when blocked they tend to collapse and tear.

The filters were undamaged so cleaned and replaced.

The sight glass panel is removable but the screws holding it often break,so the area behind the sight glass was washed out with a syringe.

The fluid level was right at the top because the sight glasses were so dirty.

The dashboard was removed to sort out poor repairs to wiring.The veneered front is unscrewed to remove and gain access to the top roll fixings.

Some of the instruments didn't work.

The wires to the gear box inhibitor switch had burnt out.The electrical system is complex with lots of relays often in hard to reach places.


The burnt out interior lights timer and relay were beyond repair.

The original Lucas parts replaced with modern units.

The missing door switches were replaced with

later miniature push switches


The broken rear door switches replaced,using the same units as fronts.

The wiring for the arm rest lights had shorted and was replaced.

A few rust bubble hid a badly repaired hole on the base of the drivers side wing.

A load of filler just slapped over the rust.

The filler was pulled off and the hole cut back to sound metal.

A piece of 1.5mm steel was cut and beaten to shape.

The plate was joggled and welded to the wing and floor.

The area behind was treated and painted. The rot was probably caused by the drain tube from air intake exiting behind the wing instead of under the car.

The SU carburettors were removed,with manifold.

The needle valves renewed and float levels set.

The inter connecting linkages adjusted.

The internal filters were cleaned and all 'O' rings replaced,choke adjusted.

The solenoids and pipe work cleaned,the stove pipe repaired and insulated.



The dreaded brake spheres.

The accumulators were removed and replaced.

Those pictured here are actually early Silver Shadow parts.

The later ones (series 2) have the switches on the pipes not on the valves.


This is the fuel weakener device fitted to the Silver Shadow2.

The two solenoids control the anti dieseling and the fuel weakener cut off. The internal valves were repaired.

Under the car is a spung loaded one way valve.

It enables petrol to escape if the carburettor bowls flood.

The valve is opened by the weight of the fuel.

This is all part of the fuel weakener system


The drain valve was dismantled and cleaned.

If it is stuck it can cause problems by altering the fuel mixture.




Under both front seats electric motors and a rack system move the bases.

The motors can be removed and the rubber covers peeled back

this gives access to clean the brushes and commutator.

The interior needed a clean and the leather treating with feed.


This is the front hub of a silver shadow.

Two seperate calipers on the front,each the same caliper as a ford granada etc with a spacer as the ventilated disc is thicker.

There are two seperate braking systems sharing a common reservoir.

A curiosity,an old repair notice on the back of the trim.


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Rolls Royce Silver Shadow Specifications etc. 

Made..Silver Shadow 1. 1965 to 1976, Silver Shadow 2 1977 to 1980.

Engine size..1965 to 1970 6230cc from 1970 6750cc , both 90 degree V8.

Bore/Stroke. 6230cc 104.14 mm x 91.44,6750cc 104.14 x 99.06.

Valves.. OHV 2 per cylinder Hydraulic tappets.

Twin SU carburettors, Type HD8. Fuel pump electric.

Gear box..Automatic 1965 to 1970 4 speed,from 1971 3 speed, GM 400.

Suspension.. All coil spring (independent rear). Rear height control.

Steering. Shadow 1 steering box, Shadow 2 rack and pinion. Power assisted.

Brakes.. Disc all round. Two seperate systems. Two calipers on each front wheel.

Rear Brakes.. One caliper on each wheel containing two seperate piston assemblies.

Hand brake. Seperate hand operated pads on assembly under rear calipers.

Dimensions. Weight 4650 pounds (2.4 tons) (a rover p5 is 1.75 tons)

Length (Standard version) 203 inches with 119 inch wheel base.

Body. Made in four and two door versions, both 60 inches tall.


Braking System,Silver Shadow 2.

 Standing in front of car the left side is A bank,the right B. The front part of the reservoir feeds a pump at the front and the accumulator on the front of A bank,the rear feeds a back pump and an accumulator at the back of B bank.

The A system supplies the front calipers on the front wheels,the upper cylinder of the rear calipers and the hydraulic rams of the rear suspension.

The B system supplies the rear clipers on the front wheels and the lower cylinders of the rear calipers.