Kevin Bacon ( ex Baconsdozen Imperial Tools).
. Clearance BSW and AF sockets,metric spanners and other tools for car repair and servicing .
A few brake seals etc are also listed here.    
All tools are posted signed for Royal Mail,I do not use other carriers.

Trim removal kit. For door panels,handles etc specially useful on older cars with hardboard door panels,avoids the clips pulling through. Four piece set £6..50p.

Set of ten Impact sockets. Metric and 1/2 drive in plastic case.Made by Draper,sizes 10,12,13,14,15,17,19,22,24 and 27mm. £15..00p


A good quality precision fine tooth,quick release type ratchet (positive lock on sockets or bars) and three bars. All 1/4 square drive. Chrome vanadium steel .The bars are 50,75 and 100mm long.The ratchet normally lists at £17 on its own. Ideal for adding to a socket set for working with smaller fixings and/or in confined spaces. £13..50p

Full set of 1/2 drive BSW (Whitworth)/BSF sockets. Pro quality by Elora,not cheap Chinese junk. Sizes 1/8,3/16,1/4,5/16,3/8,7/16,1/2,9/16,5/8.11/16 and 3/4 inch whitworth,supplied loose. Will cover all servicing and most repairs on any classic car or motorcycle etc using BSW/BSF fastenings, £50..00p



Set of 1/4 drive,six sided metric sockets. Sizes are 4 to 13mm inclusive. Made by Draper,decent quality and useful for working on modern vehicles or motorcycles and some fittings on older machinery. £6..00p


It is much more economic and sensible to buy sets of sockets than singles.  Single 3/4 inch BSW (Whitworth socket). 1/2 drive bi hex. Elora. Proper professional quality,German made socket. £8..50p

Single 3/8 inch BSW (Whitworth socket). 1/2 drive bi hex. Elora. Proper professional quality,German made socket. £8..00p

Single 9/16 inch BSW socket. Elora German made quality 1/2 drive socket.£8..50p

Single 1/2 inch BSW twelve sided socket by Elora. 1/2 inch squre drive..Chrome vanadium steel £8..00p

7/16 inch BSW socket. Elora,so professional quality,not cheap tat.1/2 drive. £8..00p

 5/16 inch BSW socket Elora good quality 12 sided socket 1/2 drive.£7..00p

3/16 inch BSW socket Elora 1/2 drive.£7..00p

Flare nut metric spanners.For work on fuel,brake and air pipes etc.Sizes are 6 x 8,9 x 11,10 x 12,13 x 14,14 x 17,19 x 22mm.

Good quality using these instead of open ended spanners avoids rounding off pipe unions. £19..00p

Draper nut or bolt removers.Place over the head of a worn or damaged fitting and turn with a 3/8 drive ratchet or extension bar. Teeth grip the head and enable its removal. Sizes 8,10,11,12,13,14,15,17 and 18mm. I have used these on similar sized imperial bolts with success. £15..00p

1/2 drive  72 teeth all steel ratchet,quick release. Thumb lever for forward/reverse action.Three bars, 3,5 and 10 inches long.Proper chrome vanadium steel,strong and heavy. £19..50p

I have various single AF sockets to clear,please ask,

Single Imperial AF socket. One and quarter inch across flats. Six sided chrome vanadium steel. half inch drive. £3..25p

Single AF Imperial AF socket. One and three sixteenth inch across flats. Six sided chrome vanadium steel  half inch drive.£3..20p

Gravity fed spray gun,ideal DIY. 500cc plastic pot.Sprays cellulose and synthetics.Fan width and volume adjustment.£15..00p

Extend your socket set with these larger 1/2 drive Imperial  AF sockets. (AF are measured across flats in fractions of an inch) 

SET OF SIX, these are six sided with modern configuration that avoids damage to corners of nuts and bolts . DIY quality but I've sold hundreds over the years with no complaints,  The sizes are 15/16,One inch,1+1/16 ,1+1/8 ,1+3/16 and 1+1/4 inch. The sockets are chrome vanadium steel .£15..30p.

Set of Six.

Vacuum gauge (also measures fuel pump and turbo pressure) use to set and balance twin carbs,check for inlet leaks,engine faults and gemeral engine tuning. With pipe,adaptor and T piece.Measures vacuum in the inlet manifold down stream of carburettor(s) Instructions also included. £12..00p.  Larger picture click here.

Vacuum gauge.Measures intake negative pressure for engine tuning etc.

Set of stud extractors. Made in Germany by Shroeder,proper professional quality. Set of five,sizes from 3 to 18mm dia. Drill hole in cetre of broken stud then screw in extractor anti clockwise to wind out stud. £13.50p

52 blades,whitworth and metric thread gauge.Represents good value for money and ideal for DIY use.Used to check for BSW (whitworth) threads on older cars and motorcycles etc and avoid using incompatible fixings.(ie Using BSW nuts on UNC bolts etc) £3..70p




Five piece petrol compression tester kit.Gauge reads up to 300psi.Checks valves,ring sealing and head gaskets etc. Includes 14 and 18mm spark plug adaptors and flexible pipe.£17..00p



Petrol compression tester as above but including solid brass adaptor for 10 and 12mm with O ring seals to allow testing  some motor cycles and modern vehicles and the original 14 and 18mm spark plug holes.£24.00p




Set 3/8 drive AF crow foot spanners (sometimes classed as sockets) ease access in many situations. Set of eight,sizes 3/8,7/16,1/2,9/16,5/8,11/16,3/4 and 7/8 inches AF £10..00p the set.

Sold Out

Two inch AF. Bi hex socket by Elora. (For hub nuts) 3/4 drive,a heavy lump of German quality chrome vanadium steel. £24..00p (List price £43..00p)

1 and 7.8 inch hub nut socket (Fits a lot of older English vehicles). Check my conversion charts for examples.Japanese made by Koken ,professional quality. £22..00p

Set DIY type 3/8 drive mono hex (six sided) imperial (af) sockets.Sizes are 1/4 5/16 3/8 7/16 1/2 9/16 5/8 11/16 and 3/4 inches af (across flats) .Some people prefer six sided sockets for worn fastenings. Suitable for DIY with older,classic cars and motorbikes where af sizes are still often found £10..00p

Six sided Imperial socket set

I have literally tons of new and used sockets,spanners,spray guns,compressors,air and hand tools accumulated over years of messing about with old cars and tools. Please contact me if you want to buy or sell similar.
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